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Air-Met Scientific Pty Ltd has been servicing the environmental industry with leading soil and groundwater sampling products and instruments from leading brands such as YSI, Geotech, QED, Testwell, AMS, Waterra and Solinst.

Geopump Peristaltic Pumps for single and multi-stage pressure or vacuum pumping liquids

  • Use for field sample removal from shallow wells and water sources
  • Exceptional field durability
  • Operate from 60 to 600 RPM with up to 1 litre/min. delivery rate
  • Operates to a depth of 27 feet

Obtain disturbed samples with AMS Soil Augers

  • Auger shallow and deeper depths
  • Easy to sue for decontamination with stainless steel cylinder
  • Threaded or Quick Connect Connection
  • Rounded bail for added resistance

Recover floating hydrocarbons with the ORS Shallow Well Probe Scavenger

  • Use for wells with static fluid levels up to 46.1m deep
  • Free Phase Remediation Equipment
  • Provides water-free product recovery
  • Ideal for 2-inch or larger diameter wells  

Level measurements for highly dynamic ground water systems
Air-Met Scientific stock a wide range of soil and groundwater quality monitoring equipment and consumables. The handheld sampling equipment are all designed to be versatile and durable for any field sampling and testing requirements.

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10/10/11 - The YSI Professional Plus handheld multi parameter water sampling instrument provides extreme flexibility for the measurement of a variety of combinations.
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21/01/11 - Geotech Portable Bladder Pumps, available from Air-Met Scientific, have now been certified with the CE Marking.
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01/04/09 - The edge noise dosimeter, available from Air-Met Scientific, is a sound level meter. In addition to its small size and weight (85g) the edge noise dosimeter has a cable-free design. The edge noise
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19/11/08 - Air-Met Scientific have acquired Low Flow Micropurge Kit for the provision of better services to customers. The Low Flow Micropurge Kit is a low flow water sampling equipment used for the low flow
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17/10/08 - Air-Met Scientific provide the Quest 2400 Type 2 sound and noise level meter, which is ideal for spot checks and basic noise surveys. This sound and noise level meter is used for analysis of labor
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