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Steerable transporter vehicles from Air & Hydraulic Systems

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AeroGo transporters from Air & Hydraulic Systems  are custom engineered to meet exact specifications of the load requirements.

Air Casters: Aero-Casters are slide-mounted for ease of inspection or replacement without lifting the Transporter.

Automatic Aero-Caster Control System: Automatically controls the pressure and lift height of the Transporter air casters to compensate for different load weights and center of gravity positions. Ultra-sonic sensors measure the height of the Transporter from the ground, hundreds of times per second. By using a non-contact style sensor the system is immune to debris on the floor, reducing risk of damage.

Power Drive System: The power drive system allows loads to be moved easily and safely by one man. Transporters can be driven individually, loaded or unloaded, or coupled together (end-to-end or side-by-side) to provide required load capacity.

Remote Control Pendant: All drive control functions are controlled by the remote pendant including system power / emergency stop, drive speed, direction, steering mode selection and steering direction. One operator controls the Transporter, whether operating a single or tandem unit. Transporters operate together as one while moving, turning and stopping. If one transporter has problems the combined transporter will stop automatically.

Steerable Power Drives: Ensure traction and stability of direction. The drive system allows six steering modes.

Hose Reel and Air Fittings: Built into the Transporter, the reel rewinds with the touch of a button and extends as needed. A switch automatically stops the Transporter at the end of the hose travel.

Safety features incorporated into the design include: 

  • Flashing lights and sound alarm when Transporter is in motion 
  • Error/fault alarm for diagnostics 
  • Hose restraints on supply hoses in case of a hose connector failure 
  • Warning labels on all surfaces that have hazardous conditions
  • E-stop switch on the vehicle, in addition to the remote pendant 
  • Independent safety relay in the e-stop circuit

Easy to implement into existing assembly lines: 
  • Standard floors (machine troweled, sealed concrete) are sufficient 
  • Increase density and maximize floor space 
  • Lower cost solution than infloor conveyor or drag chain 
  • Easy omni-directional multi-positioning 
  • Reconfigure assembly line flow at will 
  • Instant reindexing: eliminate first-in-first-out requirement

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