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Move cleanroom machinery up to 17 tons with AeroGo Air Castors

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AeroGo anodized* load moving systems from Air & Hydraulic Systems are a proven method to precisely move cleanroom equipment in confined spaces. Cleanroom systems utilise Air Castors to prevent contamination from aluminium oxidization. AeroGo cleanroom systems are thoroughly cleaned, specially fastened and packaged to meet the requirements of the cleanroom industry. Larger landing pads can be specified to prevent overloading floor panels when the Air Castors are deflated.

Notable features:

  • Prevent Damage to Cleanroom Access Floors - Air Castors effectively distribute cleanroom machine weight across a raised or floating floor, avoiding risk of floor tile failure and eliminating the possibility of plant shutdown due to damage to cleanroom machinery or cables.
  • Cleanroom Use - AeroGo cleanroom systems are specially prepped during the manufacturing and assembly process to prevent the introduction of contaminates or debris. Each system is tested and purged with pure nitrogen prior to shipment. Regulators are oil and grease free and cleanroom compatible fittings and hoses are used wherever possible.
  • Emission-Free - Air castors utilize compressed air. The AeroGo cleanroom systems, while not certified for use in class one or better cleanrooms, have been tested by numerous AeroGo customers over the past 30 years and found to introduce zero contaminations when used with a clean air source.

Suitable for many materials handling operations, Gapmaster air castors provide a greater capability to cross gaps and steps on overlays, reducing vibration or jarring. The increased friction of a Gapmaster is an advantage for machine control during positioning. Plus, the 15psi rating on Gapmaster reduces the load on raised floor panels. Gapmaster allows the greatest flexibility when using polystyrene or other overlays and can even eliminate the need to tape overlay joints. Neoprene castors are an available option but not typically used in cleanrooms.

* Other special coatings are available as required.

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