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AeroGo Load Module Systems are an ideal lifting aid solution and assist in moving heavy materials. Through the use of air film technology, the movement of very heavy loads (usually from 1,000 tonnes and up), the cost of pumping water or liquids is about 12% of the cost of compressing air.

Currently supplying the AeroGo Load Module Systems, this air film technology was originally pioneered by General Motors Corporation in the late 1950's, who were advancing the well known theory of 'air bearing'.

Cost effective than traditional load movement methods
  • Load movement is easy, exceptionally smooth, omni-directional and can be performed anywhere in the work environment
  • AeroGo uses air, water and other liquids as the fluid film medium
  • Load Module Aero-Casters distribute the load weight over a greater surface
  • Low profile, low friction
  • Will not damage floors
  • Economical, reliable and flexible

Safely move heavy and bulk materials with ease

  • Move massive loads from assembly to shipping
  • Plant start-up or relocation
  • Repair large and bulky items
  • Jack or rotate assemblies
  • Align machines precisely over footings, moving modules
  • Rearrange entire production lines
AeroGo Air Floatation Product Range
AeroGo High Lift Load Module
  • For precise tool positioning and added lift height without damage to components
  • Makes it possible to tow over uneven surfaces, or movement on wheels on non-suitable surfaces with slopes for drainage or long distance moves on wheels
AeroGo ScissorLift Table
  • Achieve continuous movement during assembly or repair projects
  • Ideal for moving heavy loads repeatedly within tight spaces and work cells
Aero-Plank System
  • Designed for applications where the loads are long and narrow in size
  • Use anywhere in the workplace where there is inadequate floor space
AeroGo has advanced the state of the art to utilise air, water and other liquids as the fluid film medium. Loading or moving heavy, bulk materials is made easy with the load module system with air film technology.
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28/01/10 - AeroGo’s Container Transporter, available from Air & Hydraulic Systems, makes it possible to move double stacked standard or high cube shipping containers in any direction.
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23/01/10 - AeroGo load moving systems from Air & Hydraulic Systems are a proven method to move oversized, awkward, unbalanced or heavy loads. Rigging systems utilize Aero-Casters to take full advantage of the ergonomic benefits of air film technology.
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22/01/10 - Load module systems from Air & Hydraulic Systems utilise the efficiency of fluid film technology to actually float heavy loads on a near-frictionless film of air. With AeroGo Load Modules, one person can easily move thousands of pounds.
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