Correct Flow Control Problems with Fluid and Mass Flow Control Solutions from Air & Hydraulic Systems


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Air and Hydraulics Systems offer the most suitable package of flow control valves and instruments for to suit various fluid and mass flow and process control applications.

Find the correct solution to flow control problems
Air and Hydraulics Systems automate standard metal or thermoplastic valves by fitting them with a variety of actuators and accessories including:
  • Positioners
  • Limit Switches
  • Switch Boxes
  • Visual Indicators
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Speed Controls
  • Electric Pneumatic Actuator
Intrinsically safe and explosion proof electric actuators, switch boxes, limit switches and solenoid valves are available.

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26/09/12 - AIR & Hydraulic Systems has released the new J+J digital positioning system (DPS), which features a modulating function.
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25/06/12 - J+J has designed and developed an internal digital positioning system (DPS) that provides accurate modulating function to control the movement of the actuator.
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21/06/12 - J+J’s BSR (Battery Spring Return) system offers several advantages over mechanical spring return actuators including increased protection and cost savings.
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20/06/12 - Air & Hydraulic Systems introduces the J3 range of electric actuators featuring an all-new rugged construction and a highly visible LED status light.
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02/05/11 - Air & Hydraulic Systems' Type 3/071 high pressure valve withstands pressures of 2200 and is ideal for hydrogen media
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