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Agilent Technologies are a leading global provider of life science and chemical analysis market instrumentation, supplies, software and services.

Agilent Technologies provide an extensive range of measurement solutions including RF and microwave products which are accurate, repeatable measurements with supreme reliability.
Frequency, Amplitude and Modulation Measure
Agilent Technologies provide the following Spectrum Analysers:
  • FieldFox RF Analysers - rugged, compact, lightweight and weather resistant
  • Handheld RF Spectrum Analysers - Field strength measurement systems
  • PXI Vector Signal Analysers – PXI form-factor
  • PXA Signal Analysers – highest dynamic range
  • EXA/MXA Signal Analysers - broad set of demodulation capabilities
  • CXA Spectrum Analysers - low cost, good dynamic range and accuracy
  • PSA Series Spectrum Analysers - highest bandwidth, accuracy, flexibility and connectivity
  • 8560EC Series Spectrum Analysers - high dynamic range in a rugged portable package.
  • ESA Series Portable Spectrum Analysers - wireless scalable price/performance
  • 89600 Series Vector Signal Analysers - flexible, in depth digital modulation analysis
Versatile Network Analysers
Agilent Technologies provide the following High Speed Processors:
  • Nonlinear Vector Network Analysers – go beyond linear S-parameters
  • FieldFox Vector Network Analysers -  full 2-port network analyzer
  • PNA/PNA-X Series Microwave Network Analysers - high performance, speed and outstanding inter-connectivity capabilities
  • ENA Series RF Network Analysers - measurements for multi-port devices
  • E5100A Network Analysers - production line testing of crystal/ceramic filters and resonators
  • 439xx Series Combination Analysers - general purpose spectrum
  • 8757 Scalar Network Analyser System - Expandable scalar network analysis
These analytical instruments help you in a wide range of applications including: Cellular, Bluetooth, WLAN, Wireless connectivity/networking, Satellite, Microwave, Land Mobile Radio Communications and Digital video.

Agilent provide reliable productivity solutions through accessible scientific expertise, easy-to-use software, global support services and industry-leading instruments.
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