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Probes for hard-to-reach areas

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AGILENT Technologies has introduced three active probes for the new Infiniium 54800 Series oscilloscopes. The probes' innovative design optimises scope performance and simplifies the design phase.

When coupled with new accessories such as a resistive signal pin, the probes provide R&D engineers with accurate insight into the design of high-speed circuits.

The Agilent Infiniium 1156A, 1157A and 1158A probes' compact size makes it easier for engineers to test a wide variety of interfaces, gain access to more signals, and probe small geometries in hard-to-reach areas.

"This is the only high-bandwidth, active probe on the market in which the waveform at the output closely matches the waveform at the input, optimising probing performance to make engineers' jobs easier," Dave Dascher, senior design engineer at Agilent, said.

The new Infiniium active probes offer a wide array of benefits, particularly related to performance. These include:

· High-input impedance of 100kΩ and 0.8pF, which never resonates low, and therefore is unlikely to impact signals;

· Flat frequency response across the probe's entire bandwidth, which ensures that what is seen on the probe tip is exactly what is shown on the scope screen;

· A full 5V peak-to-peak wider dynamic range; and

· ±15V of offset, which enables engineers to use a single set of probes to handle the full breadth of measurements for a broad spectrum of applications.

Other notable features include an 88ps rise time (on 4GHz models only), a small form-factor for easier probing, and compatibility with the Infiniium AutoProbe interface.

The probes come equipped with a full range of accessories. Agilent 03 9210 2824.

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