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Low-cost, portable platform designed for many applications

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article image The Agilent CSA requires minimal training and setup.

AGILENT Technologies Inc. has introduced a compact, high-performance spectrum analyser.

The Agilent CSA, available in 3GHz and 6GHz models, are designed for use in a wide array of industries.

It enables R&D and manufacturing engineers and technicians to make precision RF measurements with speed, ease and confidence.

The Agilent CSA incorporates a full-featured, general-purpose spectrum analyser with an internal VSWR bridge and tracking generator. This allows customers to easily and accurately characterise single- and dual-port devices such as filters, cables and amplifiers.

The device’s convenient form factor, low weight and battery operation makes the analyser an excellent choice for installation and maintenance of communications systems. Its card slot architecture enables future performance and capability enhancements.

The Agilent CSA provides ease of measurement, enabling faster insight into engineering challenges. The built-in measurement help leads users through each measurement task step by step.

Minimal training and setup is required to achieve sophisticated, accurate measurements -- even for non-expert users.

The auto-tune, auto-scale and auto-couple functions speed the measurement process by automatically optimising setup parameters.

With the highest-resolution display in its price class, engineers and technicians can easily read and interpret measurement results.

Modern connectivity simplifies tasks such as remote control, data transfer and firmware upgrade. For instance, installing new firmware with the Agilent CSA is as simple as transferring files from a USB memory stick.

Measurement automation is simplified by using Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) syntax over 100Base-T LAN. These standard commands ensure the analyser can also be easily integrated into existing systems for expansion or upgrade.

The Agilent CSA is part of the Agilent Open program, which provides system-ready convenience and flexible connectivity.

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