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Intermodulation distortion for PNA-X microwave network analyser available from Agilent Technologies

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Agilent Technologies  have announced an intermodulation distortion (IMD) application (Option 087) for their PNA-X microwave network analyser. The application reduces setup and calibration time by a factor of 10, increasing test productivity.

Built for engineers designing or manufacturing RF and microwave amplifiers, this application's simple user interface removes the complexity of IMD measurements. The traditional method for making swept-IMD measurements requires the use of standalone signal generators, a combiner, a spectrum analyser and a computer, resulting in cumbersome setups and slow measurements.

Agilent Technologies’ network-analyser-based approach does not require any external computer or hardware beyond the PNA-X network analyser. Instead, dual internal sources and a built-in signal combiner provide fast swept-IMD measurements approximately 100 times faster than spectrum-analyser based solutions.

This approach results in higher throughput in manufacturing and faster time-to-market for R&D engineers. An internal calibration routine ensures accurate answers, yielding better data for R&D designers as well as tighter specifications for manufacturing engineers.

Additional convenience is provided by the application's spectrum mode a capability that enables troubleshooting without the need for a separate spectrum analyser. Agilent Technologies’ N5242A PNA-X is the industry standard for microwave network analysis from 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz. This 2- or 4-port network analyser offers a single-connection solution for CW and pulsed S-parameter, compression, IMD and noise figure measurements.

An integrated second source, signal combining network, noise receivers, and internal pulse generators and modulators transform it from a pure network analyser to an RF measurement hub for amplifiers and frequency converters. It leverages all existing features and capabilities of the PNA Series of network analysers, including advanced connectivity through LAN, USB and GPIB; an easy-to-use Windows based open architecture; and an extensive embedded help system.

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