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AGILENT Technologies has released the 88000 series of flat-panel display test systems.

Flat-panel display technology is becoming increasingly common in consumer applications including mobile phones, digital cameras, liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions, computer displays and personal digital assistants (PDAs). These applications require higher aperture ratios for greater display brightness, smaller pixel size for better resolution, and lower prices require them to improve test quality while lowering test costs.

The 88000 ATS-600 Array Test System provides a solution for the amorphous silicon LCD market typically used for large panels, such as televisions and computer monitors. The system is aimed at high-end mobile phones, PDAs and digital cameras. The Agilent systems test TFT arrays used in LCDs and active matrix (AM) organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays.

Agilent's acquisition of IBM's array and charge test assets combines IBM's technology and product knowledge, its large installed base and its market recognition with Agilent's test and measurement expertise and worldwide service and support infrastructure.

The Agilent 88000 HS-100 is expected to reduce panel cost by fast go/no-go testing at the array process step. Further cost savings are anticipated as a result of manufacturing process improvements through such test capabilities as sorting, minute defect detection, reliability analysis and electrical test after liquid crystal filling/electro luminescence deposition in the cell process. It is designed for polysilicon LCD and AM-OLED testing.

For amorphous silicon LCD manufacturing, the 88000 ATS-600 provides test capability for large TFT substrates used in flat-panel televisions.

Panel quality is improved by detailed defect analysis of individual pixels and automatic defect classification. Test cost is reduced by increased tester speed and higher throughput.

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