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Agilent Technologies to demonstrate design and measurement solutions at IMS 2008

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Agilent Technologies  will be demonstrating many of its new design and measurement solutions for advanced RF and microwave research, development and manufacturing at the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium.

Innovations Agilent Technologies will demonstrate at IMS 2008:

Agilent Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer: Agilent's one-box technology for good measurement insight into RF nonlinear vector network analysis from 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz.

Agilent Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer features nonlinear component characterisation, new nonlinear scattering parameters called X-parameters, and nonlinear pulse envelope domain capabilities.

Agilent Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer is ideal for optimising component design parameters, reducing the number of design iterations and producing competitive products.

Agilent N9020A MXA Signal Analyzer: Delivering two-channel analogue baseband inputs, Agilent N9020A MXA Signal Analyzer is suited to wireless transceiver and chipset R&D.

The Agilent PSA now has two new options: 80 MHz analysis bandwidth to 50 GHz mmWave, and a 300MHz wideband option for applications such as satellite, military communications and radar/EW. It has the capability of analysing multiple channels with minimum distortion and a variety of complex digital modulation signals transmitted at mmWave frequencies.

Agilent Technologies’ MXG RF signal generators: Providing higher output power and improved distortion performance than their predecessor, MXG RF signal generators enable increased measurement accuracy for PAs and MCPAs tested with high-PAR signals such as WiMAX, LTE and WCDMA.

To assist engineers designing MIMO and beamforming systems, MXG offers baseband synchronisation and phase coherency capability between multiple MXGs, providing a simple, complete solution for WiMAX, LTE, and WLAN multitransmitter test set-ups.

Agilent Technologies will also show its MXG ATE RF signal generators for customers who need to reduce cost without sacrificing performance.

WVAN Wireless Library: Part of Agilent Technologies’ Advanced Design System EDA software, WVAN Wireless Library is useful in helping prevent unnecessary wafer spins, consequently accelerating the deployment of next-generation 60 GHz wireless video area networks (WVAN).

The Agilent WVAN Wireless Library is of particular interest to members of the WirelessHD consortium because the library includes portions of Version 1.0 PHY as simulation blocks.

It allows WirelessHD consortium members to begin verifying transceiver RFIC designs months in advance of prototype circuits or commercial measurement personalities.

Agilent L4600A Radio Test Set: Agilent will demonstrate this solution's capabilities under a constant shower of simulated rain. Agilent L4600A Radio Test Set operates at 2 MHz to 2,500 MHz with a weather-resistant design, fully sealed, durable structure.

Easy to use when testing FM and SINCGARS (SINgle Channel Ground Air Radio System) radios with step-by-step guided measurements that reduce training and troubleshooting time.

Agilent L4600A Radio Test Set is an ideal bench-top radio tester that features spectrum, signal-network-analyser and signal-generator capabilities.

Attenuation Control Units, DC to 6/18/26.5 GHz: These integrated control units offer 0 to 101/121 dB attenuation and 1 dB step size with good attenuation accuracy and flatness.

A unique attenuation sweep function allows the selection of dwell time and attenuation values for specific applications such as simulated BTS fading for mobile handset handover tests.

Ideal < 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability per section throughout the entire 5-million cycle operating life guarantees measurement accuracy and shortened calibration intervals reduce the cost of test.

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