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Agilent Technologies Launches 10-Gigabit Ethernet Network Analyser

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Agilent Technologies  has combined its Network Analyser software with a new hardware interface card that enables communications service providers and network equipment manufacturers to perform real-time expert testing and troubleshooting in 10 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) Ethernet environments. Agilent's access hardware provides 100 % packet capture and analysis at 10 Gbps. The solution captures all the packets critical to diagnosing even the most difficult network problems.

The Agilent Network Analysers provide a full suite of tools for dispatched and distributed remote testing of wide area networks, ATM and Ethernet. The solution is particularly well suited for Tier 2 and Tier 3 troubleshooting personnel who supply in-depth support for top enterprise clients. The solution can access virtually any network, running any protocol from anywhere, at anytime.

This flexibility enables users to respond to problems swiftly, accelerate diagnosis and resolution, cut operational costs and keep customers satisfied. The Network Analyser software's intuitive, easy-to-master interface is unchanged from its earlier versions. This means service providers and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) can eliminate training costs and start-up times for veteran users and train new technicians quickly.

The Network Analysers facilitate rapid network problem diagnosis and resolution through extensive packet analysis features and full remote testing functionality. It provides a breadth of data and voice measurements, including analysis of more than 500 protocols, so technicians can make effective decisions. The network analyser solution also supplies advanced packet analysis and statistics, packet jitter, loss and latency.

The capabilities for full seven-layer analysis include: Decodes, Protocol statistics, Node discovery and statistics, Connection statistics by protocol and user, Network vitals, Protocol vitals, Expert analysis, Commentators, Playback and traffic-generation active tests.

"The datacomm edge is transforming due to the incredible demand for network bandwidth, therefore the market for this high-speed network technology is beginning to explode," said Steve Urvik, protocol analysis and diagnostics marketing manager for Agilent's Network Solutions Division.

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