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Agilent Technologies adds power to high-density DC Power Supply Family

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article image The Agilent N8700 Series DC Power Supply Family

Agilent Technologies  has expanded its offering of single-output, programmable, basic DC power supplies with the introduction of the Agilent N8700 Series. These system DC power supplies have the same capabilities as the very popular Agilent N5700 Series, but with more than eight times the power density. The N8700 Series offers high power density, with up to 5200W in a space-saving 2U-high (2-EIA rack unit) package, along with PC-standard I/O including LAN (LXI-C), USB and GPIB -- all standard.

The Agilent N8700 Series, like the N5700 Series, offers affordable, basic power capabilities that help simplify and speed test-system development for R&D, design-validation and manufacturing engineers in key industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, component, and communications markets. Introduced in 2004, the N5700 Series consists of 24 single-output programmable basic DC power supplies with models ranging from 750 W to 1.5 kW.

The N8700 Series expands this family with 21 new models ranging from 3.3 kW to 5 kW. "Customers value a reliable power supply that is easy to use and easy to integrate with just enough performance to meet their testing needs," said Gary Whitman, vice president of Agilent's System Products Division. "They found this in the N5700. With the addition of the N8700 Series, our customers can enjoy all these benefits at much higher power levels while keeping within tight budgets."

The N8700 Series' 21 power supply models all provide stable output power and built-in voltage and current measurement from 8V to 600V and 5.5A to 400A. For greater flexibility, power supply models can be configured in parallel or series operation for greater output current or voltage respectively. Flexible AC input voltage options are also available for all models ranging from 230 V single-phase to 400 V 3-phase.

The Agilent N8700 Series power supplies offer many system-ready features to simplify test-system development. Its small, 2U-high, 19-inch wide package has no top or bottom air vents, so other instruments can be stacked directly above or below it to save valuable rack space. Every model comes standard with LAN (LXI-C), USB and GPIB interfaces enabling fast, easy, low-cost connectivity to a PC, giving engineers the flexibility to use their I/O interface of choice today while safeguarding them for the future. The Agilent N8700 Series can be remotely operated and monitored via its LAN interface from any web browser using its built-in web server and graphical user interface.

All 21 models of the Agilent N8700 Series system DC power supply are available now.

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