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At AGAME Universal, we stand behind our reputation and years of experience as storage specialists. Whether you are based in Sydney, Central Coast, Illawarra or surrounding regions, we can provide you with the right Steel Shelving to suit your needs and Budget, New or Used.

Are you compliant with Australia Steel Racking Standard AS4084-2012 and Safe Work Load Signs fitted to your Pallet Racking?

Are you in need of Pallet Rack Repairs & Maintenance?

AGAME professionally carry out minor repairs or major overhauls. Construction details and drawings are supplied to our professional installers, to ensure the job runs smoothly and safely.

It’s not always clear when pallet racking is beginning to sustain damage and warping that might lead to an accident. Pallet racking might seem to be fully functional up until an event happens.

Regular 6 or 12 monthly Rack Maintenance by AGAME will help you identify regular patterns of damage, and we can then help you implement solutions to overcome future damage. For example: installation of guide rails, upright protectors, column guards, and complete rack re‐designs.

Some of the potential risk factors with pallet racking include:

  • Items on the racking weigh more than the maximum amount the racking is intended for
  • The racking has sustained damage due to forklift operator error, particularly in its “feet”
  • The racking has been exposed to moisture or other irritants that could lead to warping
  • The racking was made of unsuitable materials or has other issues that aren’t obvious
  • And many more besides!
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