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Pallets available at Affordable Pallets

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Pallets, available from Affordable Pallets , are an integral part of the supply chain, facilitating the transporting, storage and distribution of both raw materials and completed products through to the end user. Pallets are ideal for road transport, container shipping, and warehouse storage, and offer the following advantages and benefits:

  • Pallets are available in various different materials, the most common two are wooden and plastic
  • Wooden pallets have many advantages- some being that the user is able to custom make them; repair them; resell them and export them overseas after they have been fumigated to ISPM 15
  • Wooden pallets are cost effective
  • Plastic pallets on the other hand are a little more expensive however they are durable; washable; able to be stored outside; ideal for pharmaceutical and food industry usage and are also great for export as they do not require any fumigation

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