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New monitored home alarm system from ADT Security runs on mobile broadband network

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ADT Security  now have available a monitored home alarm system, called the ADT Home Wireless, that utilises a secure mobile broadband network instead of a home landline.

More and more households in Australia are beginning to question the need for a landline telephone, and with improving mobile technology and an increase in available broadband bandwidth, mobile phones now outnumber fixed lines by more than double.

It is for this reason that ADT Security has decided to supply this new broadband monitored alarm service, and provide a monitored home security solution that is does not require traditional fixed line operation.

ADT HOme Wireless uses a SIM card, just as a mobile phone does, to transmit encrypted signals back to the Security Response Centre via a highly secure network. Should the alarm be triggered the Security Response Centre receives the signal in the same time it would take to make a phone call or send a text message. Trained operators then follow the agreed upon procedure to verify the cause of the alarm and despatch the appropriate assistance.

The launch of ADT Home Wireless monitored alarm system is set to bring a cost-effecitve commercial grade security solution to homeowners, as well as pave the way for the development of other security solutions. Now, people can have greater control over the way they manage their home security, and according to Mark Norton of ADT Security, video surveillance is the next step.

"Video surveillance solutions which give homeowners the ability to remotely monitor activity via an internet connected computer or supported mobile phone hold a lot of appeal to people, especially with so many of us spending long hours at work,” he says.

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