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Reducing expensive stock theft without affecting your customer’s retail experience, high performance Retail Security systems ensure you protect the two most essential components of your business, stocks and sales.

Innovative Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) offers a variety of solutions to suit your products and market with proven effectiveness for results and no embarrassing false alarms.

Intelligent Electronic Article Surveillance solutions minimise theft without interrupting your sales potential
  • Theft Detection Systems:  High performance acousto-magnetic technology Senosormatic ® EAS system with pedestals or antennas for accurate detection while remaining exceptionally attractive and flexible to suit your shop layout. Sophisticated discreet and concealed systems are also available for upscale retail stores
  • Security Labels: Precision security with small and compact Sensormatic Ultra-Strip® EAS labels. Versatile attachment options as well as product range ensures you have the right strip whether for books, microwaves, jewellery and CDs
  • Label Deactivators: Increased efficiency with simple to use ergonomic Sensomatic Label Deactivator that integrate seamlessly into checkout and counter areas without obstructing critical space. Available in powered and non-powered version with various unit heights to suit your special requirements
  • Security Tags and Pins: State of the art Sensomatic hard security tags offer long lasting reliability and easy to you functionality for all kinds of apparel including delicate lingerie. Quick to remove and simply disguised to ensure your product stays the focus of your customers attention
  • Security Tag Detachers: Hard wearing power or manual detachers are simple to use with mounting capability for complete flexibility. Increasing security further, two models have integrated EAS labels to trigger if they are removed from the store
Diverse applications across a variety of retail applications including:
  • Fashion and specialty fashion
  • Pharmaceutical, health and beauty
  • Electronics and toys
  • Groceries and liquor
  • Sporting and hardware
Protecting your profit and minimising costly shrinkage, ADT Electronic Article Surveillance lets you control your precious stock without inhibiting your customer’s buying experience. ADT Security information and contact details

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