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ADT Security's residential fire alarm and monitoring service saves family

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article image The Paech family home was saved thanks to ADT Security's residential fire alarm monitoring service

A fire could break out at any time, putting a home and family at risk. The Paech family of South Australia experienced this unfortunate event one morning, and if it hadn't been for ADT Security 's residential fire alarm and monitoring service the result could have been alot worse.

Early one morning, John and Julie Paech's 10 year old daughter put her breakfast into the microwave and accidentally pressed 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds. She went back to her room, forgetting about her breakfast and sure enough, mintutes later smoke started to pour from the microwave, instantly setting off the smoke alarm.

The alarm woke John and Julie and within seconds they received a phone call from ADT’s residential fire alarm monitoring operator, Bob Morris.

John and Julie made their way to the kitchen, with Bob from ADT the whole time reassuring them that if they could nto find the source immediately he would alert the fire brigade.

'An incident like this demonstrates how important and life saving ADT's residential fire alarm monitoring services are to homeowners,’ says Bob.

‘I get satisfaction knowing that I’ve been able to help. The reality is, the house could have burnt down and lives could have been lost,’ he adds.

The ADT customer monitoring centre receives numerous alarms daily; thankfully most of which are false or unwarranted. In this case the Paech’s alarm was warranted and ADT Security's fire monitoring added a vital dimension to the safety of their home, and family.

This experience could have happened to anyone and demonstrates the importance of the early warning only a monitored residential fire alarm can provide.

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