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ADT Security stress importance of monitored alarm systems

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The data from the ACT Department of Justice and Community Safety shows a downward trend from the reported home burglaries in 1999. According to Mark Norton, General Manager and Vice President, Australia and New Zealand of ADT Security , tougher economic conditions and higher unemployment being forecast can cause an increase in home burglary.

Overseas research indicates that when inflation increases and times get tough, the number of home burglaries go up. There is evidence that supports this trend and it is widely reported that areas with high levels of unemployment and lower average weekly incomes experience much higher rates of burglaries.

Homes that are located in quiet streets with minimal traffic tend to be susceptible. Other factors include heavy foliage cover, proximity of access routes (for example, pedestrian laneways or open parkland), poor lighting and the lack of security systems. The Australian Institute of Criminology reports that house alarms are the single most effective deterrent of burglars. It is important to use stickers or signs which advertise that the home is protected by an alarm.

Cost has been seen as the biggest inhibitor to homeowners investing in security solutions such as monitored alarm systems and security cameras. Fortunately, a number of insurance companies now offer discounted premiums to customers who take precautions to protect their home, with added incentives to homeowners who invest in a monitored home alarm over a less effective standalone alarm.

According to Norton, people do not know what they should do if they hear an alarm ring. The statistics taken by AAMI reveals that almost half of the people do nothing. The difference between an ADT monitored alarm and the unsupported variety is that ADT Security’s Customer Care team is trained to respond 24/7.

In addition to monitored home alarm systems, it is important to maintain a good relationship with neighbours. The safest and most secure communities in Australia are the ones in which people know their neighbours. They know who to call in the event of an emergency, they know when their neighbours are on holidays and they are aware of any work being done on their neighbour’s property. In short, they are better able to identify and report suspicious activity.

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