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ADT Security offer security solutions for retailers in convenience sector

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Mark Norton, General Manager/Vice President, ADT Security , shares information about the security products and services that are available from ADT Security for retailers in the convenience sector.

In the retail sector, ADT Security are well-known for Sensormatic EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance), which includes a range of hard tags, labels, pedestals and deactivators that work together to minimise loss. However, within the convenience sub-sector, while shrinkage is certainly a concern, staff safety rates as a higher priority.

As such, ADT Security offer a range of security solutions including CCTV, duress alarms, access control and monitoring that aim to deter thieves and protect both staff and stock.

Effective security system for the convenience sector
The isolated locations of many convenience stores combined with the fact most stores are staffed by a solitary worker during extended trading hours means deterrent measures are critical. Confronting a potential offender with a CCTV image of him/herself on entry to the store can be a strong deterrent.

Major security issues affecting the convenience trade
Toughening economic conditions will often signal an increase in petty crime. With Christmas on the way, now is the time to be assessing security requirements and ensuring they offer appropriate protection for convenience stores’ business assets, most importantly their staff.

Safety tips for retailers
The retailers must ensure that all staff are trained in how to assess situations and what to do in the event of an incident. This in itself will build confidence and ensure an appropriate response should they feel threatened.

Investing in highly visible security systems, while deterring thieves, will go a long way in providing peace of mind to staff. As mentioned, CCTV at store entrance points is important. Ram-raider-proof bollards are an added physical deterrent measure. Even signage indicating minimal cash-holdings on premises might be the difference between being robbed or not.

It is also important that staff know they can summon urgent help when they need it. The staff till not always have the time or the opportunity to call 111, so a monitored duress alarm system, installed either under the counter or on-person is another key recommendation.

But above all, it is important that staff trust their instincts. It is always better to activate an alarm in error than wait until it is too late.

Reasons for robberies/violent attacks at Convenience stores
Convenience stores are often perceived as easy targets, by nature of the features that differentiate them from other retail concepts - they are open extended hours, are generally manned by just a single operator and can be located in isolated areas. The combination of these factors plus the availability of higher priced 'last minute' items such as razor blades and cigarettes, too often proves an irresistible temptation for thieves.

Highly visible deterrent measures, clear staff response guidelines and the backing of monitored security services designed to respond quickly in the event of alarm activation will go a long way towards reducing the perception of convenience stores as “easy targets” and protecting both people and business assets.

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