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Fallas’ new Adabot R700 robotic case packer available from ADM Packaging Technology

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article image The new Adabot R700 robotic case packer

ADM Packaging Technology  are providers of Fallas’ new Adabot R700 robotic case packer, which functions as a high-speed case packing system that handles complex products such as flexible bags with uneven features that include shredded cheese and mixed confectionary, which are a challenge for automatic case packing.

When these products are packaged as singles, hanger-ready retail items they are tapered all-round. These packs will not collate and accumulate into patterns, so that they can be robotically picked off conveyors and placed easily in cases. The Adabot R700 is designed to track off pick products individually on-the-fly at high speeds and then place them anywhere in the case. This is efficient and effective for individual pick and place applications.

The Adabots plug and play robots cells allow anticipated future demand for increased output. Robot cells can be joined to reconfigure the case packing line for higher throughput. This is accomplished easily by plugging additional robot modules into the same automation controller.

The Adabot R700 was introduced to pick bags of the belt as they come out at the wrapping machine one at a time. Its speed capacity is 90 bags per minute with a single cell and 180 bags per minute using two cells adding another 1.5 meter extension to the line.

Conventional machines can produce A or B case packing patterns with tooling changes. But robotic flexibility enables an Adabot to perform any combination of A, B and U patterns through a simple programming change without needing to collate the product or shift the case.

The Adabot R700 design requires no light belts or indexing system to accumulate or rotate the product proving an advantage over systems that can compromise product integrity and be troublesome at high speeds. The Adabot R700 synchronises with the infeed belt through an encoder to deliver control of the robots arm that is fast and accurate.

The product is never touched until it is picked up with a vacuum head. Gussetted pouches and foil packaged ready to eat meals are among the difficult to collate products that the Adabot handles efficiently with its expandable plug and play module.

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