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Meanwell industrial power supplies are used widely in the LED signs industry all over the world and have earned a fine reputation for their high reliability. The LED power supplies family has high efficiency, low power dissipation and complies with the latest lighting systems regulations.

Meanwell LED Drivers for quality and reliability

  • ADM Instrument Engineering stocks a large range of Australian Approved drivers.
  • 16Watt up to 320Watt drivers approved and in stock 
  • Constant current models available
  • Dimmable models available
  • 1-10VDC dimming, PWM signal dimming or resistance dimming
  • Many models available with an Australian mains plug already fitted
  • Constant voltage models available
  • DC-DC models available
  • IP64 / IP65 and IP67 models available
  • 2 to 5 year warranty models available
Meanwell LED power supplies are used for street lighting, architectural lighting, decorative lighting, indoor lighting, stage and theatre lighting, embedded lighting and LED outdoor signage. The robust design with high protection levels against dust and moisture makes them suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor installation of LED related applications.

Choosing a LED Power Supply for your specific applications:

  • Decide a suitable wattage level, including a safety margin
  • Verify the design of your LED displays to check if you need a constant current or constant voltage model
  • Verify whether your application requires a PFC function
  • Verify the environmental conditions your system is being installed in to check which enclosure type and IP level is required
  • Verify the safety certificates
  • Verify if you require adjustable output voltage and/or output current or a dimming function
ADM Instrument Engineering has a large stock range of Meanwell power supply systems and units and is able to provide excellent technical advice and service for its customers. For more information or technical advice, please contact ADM Instrument Engineerin of visit the ADM Instrument Engineerin website.

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