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ADM showcases wide pressure transducer range

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article image ESI GS5000 series are low cost pressure transducers suitable for use in most industrial applications

ADM Instrument Engineering presents a broad range of pressure transducers to suit diverse application requirements.

General purpose pressure transducers

General purpose pressure transducers such as the ESI GS5000 series are low cost pressure transducers suitable for use in most industrial applications. Typically available with a 4-20mA output or a 0-10VDC output, these pressure transducers are the most commonly used analogue signals in industrial and process automation systems. Similar pressure transducers with other output types are available on request.

ESI’s GS4200 is a pressure transducer with very high accuracy and repeatability. Key components include a titanium diaphragm featuring a sapphire substrate and silicon strain gauge semiconductor resistors vacuum evaporated onto the sapphire backing for better accuracy and linearity than stainless diaphragms.

Flush diaphragm pressure transducers

Recommended for applications where hygiene is a high priority, flush diaphragm pressure transducers such as the ESI PR3800 feature integrated or remote barrier seals to prevent the media coming into direct contact with the pressure transducer. Flush diaphragm pressure transducers are particularly important in food and beverage production applications where contamination of the product must be avoided.

A flush diaphragm pressure transducer is also used in applications such as wastewater treatment where the media being monitored has the potential to corrode the pressure sensor element inside the transducer.

Hydrostatic (submersible) pressure transducers

Hydrostatic pressure transducers can be lowered into tanks and bore holes to calculate the level of fluid. The measuring cell of the pressure sensor detects small changes in hydrostatic pressure, which increases or decreases according to the filling level. The sensor element is a gauge reference and calibrated to 1 atmosphere. For monitoring water levels in a hazardous environment, such as at the CSG well head bore hole, an IECEx certified pressure transducer will be required.

Hydrostatic pressure transducers are calibrated for use with clear water. However, they can be calibrated at the factory for use with other media such as diesel fuel.

Differential pressure transducers

Designed to measure the difference between two pressures, one connected to each side of the sensor, differential pressure transducers can be used to measure many properties such as pressure drops across oil filters or air filters, fluid levels or flow rates. These pressure sensors are also ideal for measuring fluid levels in a tank or vessel, especially in applications where it is not possible to suspend the pressure transducer in the media.

IECEx certified pressure transducers

IECEx pressure transducers are designed for application in any environment exposed to the risk of explosion, or any hazardous area. The IECEx certification refers to standards relating to equipment for use in explosive atmospheres.

ADM can offer general purpose, differential, hydrostatic and flush diaphragm type pressure transducers with IECEx certification.

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