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article image A small step-up/step-down converter supplies up to 100mA to the card.

TDK Semiconductor, represented in Australia by Adilam , has released the TDK 73S8023C, 73S8024C and 73S8010C smart card interface circuits. They are 85% efficient and have a small step-up/step-down converter that supplies up to 100mA to the card.

A power-down mode allows the host to place the smart card interface function in a mode that will only draw a few microamps. The circuits are suited to battery-powered and power-sensitive applications such as portable point-of-sales terminals, PIN-pad readers and payphones, as well as mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

They comply with ISO-7816-3 and EMV4.1 standards. The 73S8010C is controllable through I2C, while the 73S8024C and 73S8023C devices have parallel I/Os compatible with the TDA8004 and TDA8002 industry standards. Control of multiple smart card interfaces in parallel through the same host control bus is possible without additional external circuitry with the 73S8010C and 73S8023C.

The 73S8024C is firmware-compatible with current industry-standard devices. Consumer applications such as set top boxes, DVD/HDD recorders and LCD TVs can take advantage of the low-voltage operating mode of the 73S8024C to remove the 5V system power supply from their conditional access functions, dramatically lowering the overall bill of materials.

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