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Airmiser air nozzles available from Adelaide Pneumatic Sales

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Airmiser nozzles combine economic air usage along with noise reduction offering outputs up to 28-times compressed air input.

By diffusing a single, direct compressed air jet they also have significant safety value by preventing embolism.

Key uses are for cooling, blowing, drying and, by utilising high thrust, ejecting parts from press tools.

The range comprises of eight models in aluminium with attachment diameters from 1/8"-1"BSP. For accurate, stable positioning the Rigiflex hose accessory is recommended.

Airmiser nozzles have a total effective air output of up to 25 times the compressed air input and the standard nozzle SA can replace the nozzle normally used on many blowguns to produce greater thrust with increased safety.

Instead of a single hole at the nozzle tip which could permit a high pressure air jet to impinge directly onto the operators' skin, a series of annular orifices at the base of the nozzle induce an additional flow of ambient air at relatively low pressure to provide high total thrust with increased safety.

The flow of air through a series of annular orifices reduces the possibility of metallic chips rebounding back towards the operator.

The high thrust relative to their size of the mini Airmiser model MA and the blow hard Airmiser model BH make them ideal for cooling, ejecting parts from tooling, drying and blowing. They consume less air than an ordinary nozzle with reduced noise levels.

With input pressure in the region of 6 bar gauge (90 PSI) typical noise levels with Airmiser nozzles are well below 80 dBA.

To obtain optimum performance with minimum air consumption install a filter/regulator with pressure gauge in the compressed air supply line to the Airmiser.

When using multiple arrays of Airmiser nozzles ensure that all the pipe-work and the filter/regulator is of adequate size to handle the amount of compressed air required.

Substitution of Airmiser nozzles for open jets in addition to reducing noise will produce substantial savings in compressed air consumption, especially when multiple arrays are required.

The model MA uses less compressed air at 4 bar (60 PSI) than a 1.6mm (1/16") open jet but produces considerably more thrust due to entertainment of ambient air.

The performance of Model BH when compared to that of a 6mm (1/4") open jet shows that it provides substantially more effective thrust at about 1/3 the compressed air consumption.

Applications / Airmisers can also be used for:

  • Product cooling
  • De-watering
  • Compressed air conservation
  • Noise level reduction
  • Safety improvement
  • Product rejection

Model descriptions:

Model AMMA: Mini-Airmiser nozzle 10mm

(3/8") OD used for blowing, cooling and ejection of small parts. The 6.4mm (1/4") OD copper inlet tube 125mm (5") long fits into combined spaces and is easily bent to the required shape to direct the air where it is needed.

Model AMSA: Standard-Airmiser nozzle 19mm

(3/4") hexagon used for medium duty blowing, cooling and ejection. Inlet thread external (male) tapers 1/8" BSP to ISO/7 (BS21).

Model AMBH: Blowhard-Airmiser nozzle 19mm

(3/4") hexagon used for heavy duty blowing, cooling and parts ejection. Inlet thread external (male) tapers 1/4" BSP to ISO/7 (BS21) for fitting to manifold or supply tubing. Ensure that all valves and fittings in lines feeding the BLOWHARD have MINIMUM orifice size of 6mm (1/4").

Model AMADJ: Adjustable-Airmiser nozzle 19mm

(3/4") hexagon used for either light or medium duty. Infinitely adjustable over the range of 1 to 4 Newtons (0.2 to 0.8 lbf) thrust. Inlet thread external (male) tapers 1/8" BSP to ISO/7 (BS21).

Special model:

There are variations available in the standard production of Airmisers. These range from the tiny MICRO through the two 1/2" BSP units to the monsters 1" BSP nozzle, produced for blasting swarf and debris from the support leg of a North Sea oil rig.

The Airmiser air nozzles are available from Adelaide Pneumatic Sales.

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