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Grindtech StripClean abrasive discs from ADDLER

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Grindtech StripClean discs, available from ADDLER are heavy duty abrasive discs used for stripping coatings off metal, plastic, timber and fibreglass.

Constructed from a non-woven nylon web impregnated with abrasive grit, Grindtech StripClean abrasive discs are ideal for rust removal, maintenance, paint removal, gasket removal, oxidisation removal, weld cleaning and weather board reconditioning applications among others.

These abrasive discs allow coatings to be removed from various surfaces, and are faster and safer than wire wheels as there is no risk of loose wires flying out, while heat is dissipated reducing warp lines and discolouration.

Grindtech StripClean discs are especially suitable for car panels as coatings can be stripped off with minimal metal removed from the panel, resulting in reduced rework.

Key features of Grindtech StripClean abrasive discs:

  • Sizes: 100mm, 115mm, 125mm and 180mm
  • Grade: Heavy duty
  • Faster and safer than wire wheels
  • Suitable for stripping car panels of coatings
  • Raised fibreglass hub allows larger discs to be used safely on angle grinders


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