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E45 – 70XN Electric Forklifts from Adaptalift Hyster

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article image E45 – 70XN Electric Forklifts

The E45-70XN is the newest line of electric forklifts from Adaptalift Hyster . With their quality and ergonomics, they count among the most operator-friendly AC-powered electric forklifts on the market.

These versatile electric forklift trucks are designed for indoor use and are suitable for a wide variety of applications such as general warehousing, food and beverage distributors, lumber and building material distribution.

Features include:

  • A newly designed operator compartment provides a comfortable environment for operators. The overall floor plate area has increased 20% and the fore-aft foot space area has increased 10%.
  • The Hyster-designed thermal management system continuously monitors critical truck functions and initiates corrective action if pre-set thermal thresholds are reached.
  • By using AC motors and transistor controller technology for all traction and hydraulic systems, the Hyster E45-70XN reduces the frequency and cost of maintenance.
With advanced dependability, lower cost of operations, superior ergonomics and enhanced productivity, the new E45-70XN electric forklift series is a safe choice.

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