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Belt Weighers from Active Weighing Solutions (also known as Belt Scales and Conveyor Scales) provide a simple means for process control, accurate weighing and stock weighing.

Report instantaneous flow rate and totalized mass feed rate of powders and bulk solid materials
  • Rugged Construction
  • Full floating weigh frame
  • Easy calibration using a ModWeigh MW95A Belt Weigher controllers
  • Customisable graphics display
  • Fully automatic belt zeroing
  • Easy menu based programmable settings
  • RS232 communications
  • RS485 communications.
Accurately measure and totalise passing products
Active Weighing Solutions has full in-house design capability and will perform an in-depth analysis to each weighing situation to provide the highest belt weigher accuracy and performance reliability making it the choice in bulk material weighing. Choose from:
  • Standard widths
  • Customised widths
  • Single idler configurations
  • Multi idler configurations
  • Stable full floating weigh scales frame design

Where product feed regulation is needed, Active Weighing Solutions belt weighers and weigh feeders will accurately control the flow rate of bulk material on belt conveyors, particularly important for product ratio control, blending and process control.

Using ModWeigh MW96A Weighfeeder controllers, the Weigh Feeder accommodates variation in material bulk density by altering the belt speed to deliver the correct material feed required. With feed rates from 1kg/hr to 5000tph, the Active Weighing Solutions Weigh Feeder offers weighing accuracy better than ±0.5%. 

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