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Gone are the days of stringing together sensors and thermocouples to perform validations and temperature monitoring and mapping. The Kaye RF ValProbe integrates breakthrough RF Mesh technology with the well established thermal validation insitu loggers from GE Sensing.

Easy to Use LabWatch™ Environmental Chamber Monitoring Systems
LabWatch integrates high quality sensor products and I/O hardware with networked PCs to create an easy to use turnkey solution.

  • Creates an audit trail of alarms and actions 
  • Provides a complete history of alarms and data 
  • Saves time and guards your product investment 
 Designed specifically for pharmaceutical applications and biotechnological applications, critical stability, environmental, and facility monitoring applications, it is fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

Simplify Processes with the Kaye Standalone Validation Systems
Conforming to the FDA data protection guidelines (21 CFR Part 11), the Kaye Validator also meets international and European cGMP requirements for inspection of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device (EN285, EN554) manufacturing.

Accurate and Convenient ValProbe Process Validation and Monitoring Systems
Providing highly accurate ValProbe temperature, pressure and humidity measurements, Active Instruments Services, stock a large range of these data loggers for all industrial and process needs.

  • Broad operating range 
  • Economical field-replaceable battery 
  • 10,000 data sample memory 
  • Operator programmable sample rate 
Accelerate Cleaning Validations with the Kaye Validator ITMS
The Kaye Validator ITMS is a portable and extremely sensitive yet simple to operate device. The Kaye Validator ITMS brings new efficiency to cleaning validation while requiring minimal consumables. Active Instrument Services information and contact details


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