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Spark 706 noise dosimeter available from Active Environmental Solutions

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The Spark 706 personal noise dosimeter from Active Environmental Solutions makes measuring workplace noise exposure more convenient and cost-effective.

Combining a full range of advanced features with an ergonomic design, the ultracompact 706 personal noise dosimeter is constructed in a tough yet lightweight housing similar to that of a cellular phone.

Spark personal noise dosimeters are certified as intrinsically safe for rugged use in any environment. The bold, graphical LCD display on the 706 personal noise dosimeter provides back lighting on demand for high visibility in any environment, and operator prompts are displayed in “plain English” to ensure fast, easy setup and simple control.

With multiple simultaneous dose calculations, ceiling and peak level displays, as well as continuous data logging, the Spark 706 personal noise dosimeter computes compliance results for any standard, present or proposed. The quick IR download using Blaze software provides a selection of concise, easily understood reports and color graphs for your review.

All Spark noise dosimeters deliver a long battery life of over 100 hours continuous use on two AA alkaline cells, which saves money and maximises sampling time. Furthermore, with available ‘I2CU’, multiple dosimeter data retrieval is made fast and easy.

Combined with a modest price tag, these advanced capabilities make the Spark 706 personal noise dosimeter a valuable tool for practitioners of occupational noise monitoring programs.

Key features of the Spark 706 personal noise dosimeter include:

  • universal noise exposure measurements using a choice of multiple dose parameters
  • compact, lightweight, and easy to use
  • long battery life
  • all models are intrinsically safe
  • high speed data transfer without a cable
  • delivers reports and analysis through Blaze software
  • large memory capacity to allow more than a week of sampling
  • detachable microphone and preamplifier

There are five Spark noise dosimeter models available, each with a range of capabilities. Occupational noise monitoring practitioners can choose from basic dataloggers with no display, display-only units, through to powerful I2CU units.

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