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Active Environmental Solutions offers a range of sound level meters to suit various requirements. The range includes vibration monitors, workplace noise sampling equipment and noise dosimeters.

Obtain objective repeatable vibration level data
Active Environmental Solutions carries the IHVM-100 vibration monitor which is ideal in environments where heavy machinery or equipment, rotating or reciprocating hand tools are being used which are powered by air, electricity or internal combustion.

  • Easily obtain and document the levels of exposure that have been proven to cause a wide range of potential injury
  • Practical means of quantifying exposure data on the job
  • Frequency weightings and measurements for Hand-Arm and Whole Body Vibration
  • Conforms to ISO Standards2631 and 5349
  • Simultaneous 3-channel Measurements: X, Y and Z axes, plus Sum (S)
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Operates from 2xAA batteries or AC power supply
  • Records up to 200 hours of measurement time history
  • Programmable AC or DC Signal output
  • Serial Interface to PC (115.2kBaud)

Intrinsically safe noise samplers and noise surveys
Active Environmental Solutions offer a range of sound level meters to monitor and measure workplace noise and plant noise surveys. These sound level meters are ideal for gathering, analysing and presenting detailed noise environment data quickly, easily and concisely.

  • Simple to operate with just one hand
  • 20 Hours runtime on 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • These sound level meters are fitted with large, bright, high-contrast LCD screens
  • Digital Voice Annotation
  • Compact and Lightweight in design
  • Available in Class 1 or Class 2 Versions
  • Multi-Language Format for Global Compatibility
  • TaskMate Noise Survey Guidance System
  • Real time Octave Band Frequency
  • Sampling methodology and annotatation is made easy with these sound level meters as it saves incredible amounts of time and provide better, accurate results

Specialised sound level meters to specifically measure noise
Active Environmental Solutions offer a range of noise dosimeters that translates data collected into easily understood reports and colour graphs for review.

  • Small, robust design
  • Easy to use noise dosimeters that conform with Australian Standards
  • Fully featured logging dosimeter with remote response capability
  • Complete report generation and setup using Blaze software
  • Only requires 2xAA batteries

Active Environmental Solutions have an extensive range of sound level meters and noise dosimeters available for hire or rent.

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10/07/16 - The Spark 706 personal noise dosimeter from Active Environmental Solutions makes measuring workplace noise exposure more convenient and cost-effective.
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10/07/16 - Active Environmental Solutions introduce Spark noise dosimeters. There are five Spark noise dosimeter models available, 703, 703+, 704, 706 and 706RC.
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10/07/16 - Now available Spark 705 and 705+ super-duty noise dosimeters are rugged yet micro-sized making them the ideal choice for personal noise exposure sampling

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