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Active Environmental Solutions offers a range of Photoionisation Detectors (PID) and VOC Monitors for gas detection and monitoring.

Photoionisation Detectors and VOC Monitors provide reliable samplingEach PID and VOC gas monitors and detectors have its own purpose and differentiating features. Some of which include:

  • Improved collection characteristics of inhalable dust including bioaerosols for viable or non-viable analysis
  • Reliable sampling of Low ppb Levels of VOCs including Vapor Intrusion into Indoor Air
  • Membrane Filters and Depth Filters available for sampling small particles
  • Accurate and reliable for formaldehyde collection
  • SKC Organic Vapour Samplers provide an economical and time saving approach to collection of organic vapours
  • Rotameters are variable area flowmeters that provide field accuracy in an easy-to-read instrument

To hire or rent Photoionisation Detectors (PID) and VOC monitors, visit the Active Environmental Solutions website for more information and specifications.

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