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Active Environmental Solutions offer a range of SKC air monitors and dust control systems to help ensure workplaces comply with regulatory OH&S and environmental standards.

Useful for decision making processes on workplace safety
Air sampling can assist in the evaluation of engineering controls, education for workers on exposure levels, studies of epidemiology, determination of sources of leaks, leak control and avoidance of future litigation.

  • Heat Stress Monitor Sensors - QuestTemp thermal environment monitor
  • Light Meter is a heavy duty light meter with PC interface simultaneous display of Foot Candles or Lux
  • Life Shirt provides real time life sign monitoring of first responders. Breath rate, heart rate, activity, posture and skin temperature are all monitored by the sensors in the strap
  • AirChek 3000 is a reliable and versatile air sampling pump that allows the user to program flow rates via keypad or PC using a specifically designed software
  • PCMAZ8 Personal Air Sampling Pump is Australian Mines approved and is most suitable for monitoring potentially explosive environments

Active Environmental Solutions have an extensive range of air monitoring equipment for HIRE or SALE from respected manufacturers such as RAE Systems, AES Laboratoire, SKC Inc, TSI and Larson Davis.

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10/07/16 - The Spark 706 personal noise dosimeter from Active Environmental Solutions makes measuring workplace noise exposure more convenient and cost-effective.
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10/07/16 - Active Environmental Solutions are suppliers of Extech Light Meters, stocking both the 407026 Heavy Duty Light Meter and the LT 300 Digital Light Meter.
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10/07/16 - Active Environmental Solutions introduce Spark noise dosimeters. There are five Spark noise dosimeter models available, 703, 703+, 704, 706 and 706RC.
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10/07/16 - The ToxiRAE 3, available from Active Environmental Solutions, is a single gas monitor and is compatible with the AutoRAE Lite bump and calibration station
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10/07/16 - The UltraRAE 3000 is an advanced Compound specific monitor. Its Photoionization Detector has an extended range pf 0.05 to 10,000 ppm in VOC mode to 200 ppm
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