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Active Environmental Solutions provides calibration gases for a range of industries

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Calibration gases from Active Environmental Solutions are used in a number of industries to verify the calibration of confined space instruments before use.

Calibration tests are simple to perform, and only take a minute or so to complete with a known concentration test gas.

It is generally agreed that calibration adjustments are not necessary unless readings are off by more than some percentage of the expected value. While advice may differ, several manufacturers suggest using ±10% as the criterion for determining whether adjustment is required.

Calibration checks can be done in a tiered approach that involves:

  • a bump test
  • calibration check
  • full calibration; and then
  • factory calibration.

In a bump test, the meter is shown some gas source and shows some response. The gas may be a calibration gas or an indefinite source such as a butane lighter or magic maker. If inconsistencies are registered, a calibration check may be required.

For a calibration check, the meter is shown calibration gas and the user verifies that the readings are within a predefined amount, typically ±15% of the calibration gas concentration.

If the readings are not within this predefined amount, full calibration may be necessary. During a full calibration, the meter is shown calibration gas and readings are adjusted (automatically or manually) to the certified gas concentration.

If these processes fail to achieve calibration, the meter may be returned to a factory-certified service centre for testing and adjustment.

Active Environmental Solutions offers calibration gases to assist with performing calibration tests in a range of applications, including:

  • oil, gas and petrochemical plants
  • mining and mineral processing
  • occupational health and safety
  • environmental monitoring; and
  • process and plant control.

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