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In the 1980s, Active Air Rentals first introduced the concept of hiring air conditioners. Now-a-days, the list of hire applications has become popular. John Sweeny from Active Air Rentals discusses the benefits of hiring an air conditioner.

Twenty years ago when Active Air Rentals were first approached by the Japanese company, Denso, to create a market for hiring air conditioners, they were sceptical at first. It took a long time to develop the market for hiring air conditioners as it was a completely new service.

There have been two major factors, which lead to the increase in people wanting to hire air conditioners. One is the improved work place OHS standards. People are now conscious of their working environment. If the permanent air conditioning is not up to standard then it becomes necessary to hire air conditioners to control the heat during peak demand periods.

The other major factor has been the need to cool critical equipment such as computer rooms and data centres. If the equipment inside the room creates more heat than the existing air conditioning can handle then it is necessary to hire air conditioners to make up the required capacity.

There are a number of benefits for hiring air conditioners. Individuals hiring air conditioners can be sure of having new, clean and well maintained equipment. Any air conditioners on hire are also backed up by Active Air Rentals’ round the clock emergency service.

Financial benefit of hiring air conditioners rather than buying air conditioners is that customers do not have to pay the full price of the air conditioner up front. Instead, they can pay for only the amount of time that they need the air conditioner. The tax benefit is that all hire charges are completely tax deductible as a business expense within the year they were hired. If customers were to purchase rather than hire the air conditioner then that piece of equipment would have to be depreciated over a number of years and only a certain amount can be deducted each year.

Active Air Rentals have a wide fleet of vehicles dedicated solely to delivering air conditioner hire units.

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