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Active Air Rentals Keeps the IMAX Going with a Rental Chiller

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A rental chiller unit was supplied and installed by Active Air Rentals at the IMAX cinema in Sydney’s iconic Darling Harbour to keep their mission critical air-cooled fluid circulation system working at optimum capacity.

The IMAX cinema in Sydney is famous for its massive screen as well as its unique and groundbreaking 3D movies. In 1996 it was awarded the only Oscar given for Scientific and Technical Achievement by the US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Recently IMAX’s permanent chiller went offline and needed to be replaced. The replacement chiller was expected to be delivered and installed in about 10 weeks.

Active Air Rentals was brought in to provide a temporary solution until the new chiller arrived. The temporary solution involved a 750kW rental chiller with pump and associated flexible hoses to be installed within a challenging time frame.

Active Air Rentals was given a window of less than 5 hours to install and commission the rental chiller before the first screening was due to start. Not solving the problem immediately would have cost IMAX some $40,000 per hour.

The main goal was getting the water down to a temperature of about 6.5ºC for recirculation through the projector cooling system, after which the temperature would have ended up at around 10-12ºC.

Without the mission critical air-cooled fluid circulation system working at optimum capacity, the entire projection system and all movie screenings would have failed.

According to Phil James, Business Development Manager of Active Air Rentals, the whole exercise was given only one shot at success.

Active Air Rentals employed a York reciprocating air cooler rental chiller and was able to finish the job well within the time frame.

James adds that the York reciprocating air cooler rental chiller is a 750kW chiller system that takes up a 20-foot shipping container and weighs about 8.2 tonnes.

Active Air Rentals’ access to some of the best cooling technology in the world helped them pull off the IMAX project successfully.

Active Air Rentals has created a Commercial Hire Division that specialises in providing chillers ranging from 60kW to 750kW as well as associated equipment to the commercial and industrial markets.

Additionally, Active Air Rentals can also supply pumps, flexible pipe work, heat exchangers and generators for the supply of temporary power.

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