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Height adjustable work platform from Actisafe

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Actisafe  has added height adjustable work platforms to its range of industrial safety products.

The height adjustable work platforms can be manufactured to a customised length and width and provide the most ergonomically suitable height for a safer working position.

Manufactured from heavy duty steel, the height adjustable work platform is applicable across a range of industry sectors including food processing, manufacturing, warehousing, meat works, painting and cleaning. The work platform is also available in food grade stainless steel to comply with health guidelines in the food processing sector.

The Actisafe height adjustable platform can be powder coated in the colour of choice and each unit can be customised to be a static unit on heavy duty legs. The platform can also be configured with locking wheels, and the lift/lower system can be a mechanical device or include an electric motor with controls.

A major benefit of the height adjustable work platform is that it allows personnel to work at a safe and comfortable working height, regardless of physical stature, to avoid any possibility of personal strain injury. Safety rails ensure employees can move about freely on the equipment without fear of falling off.

The platform effectively takes the act of ‘reaching vertically’ out of the equation of many workplace tasks.

In particular for primary industry and the food processing sector, Actisafe lifting equipment can be made with a tough polyethylene floor. This substance is inert and therefore ideal around food handling.

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