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The Noah Family of fail-safe electric actuators for Quarter-turn application.

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Acrodyne   offers the Noah series of Fail-safe Quarter-turn Electric Actuators with Battery back-up and Spring-return options for power failure & emergency shut-down applications.

RBP Battery back-up option: This option utilises a Ni-Cadmium Battery Pack that receives it’s charge voltage from the mains supply via a re-chargeable battery circuit board. The motor is driven from the mains supply through torque & limit switches. In the event of power failure or a remote ESD command, a relay contact switches the battery supply across the motor terminals which drives the actuator to a pre-determined fail-safe position.

LEDs provide indication for open / close / charging / low battery & over-torque. Fail safe setting is configurable as open or close. Terminals are provided for remote ESD signal, 3-wire control for open/close/stop & mains power.The RBP actuator is available in supply voltages of 120 VAC / 240 VAC 1 ph, 24VDC (SA series) & 27VDC / 30 VDC (NA series) & torque ratings from 50 to 280 Nm. Charging time is 3 hrs & back-up time is 15 mins.

Spring Return Option: This option utilises a spiral spring totally enclosed in a housing integral with the actuator main housing. Three models are available: the SR-05,10 & 20. In the SR-05 &10, the shaft of the spiral spring is mechanically coupled to the actuator out-put drive shaft. The SR-20 has the shaft of the spring mechanically coupled to the main worm shaft that drives the actuator out-put shaft through a quadrant worm gear. In the power on mode, the motor drives the actuator out-put shaft simultaneously loading the spring till end of travel. An electro-magnetic brake locks the out-put shaft & prevents the spring from releasing it’s energy. On loss of power or in ESD mode, the brake is released and the spring drives the actuator to a fail safe position.

The spring return option is available in supply voltages of 110/240 VAC 1 ph, 440 VAC 3 ph, 24 VDC & torque ratings from 50 Nm up-to 200 Nm. Spring return time is 2 secs.The above fail safe options are in addition to the Noah’s existing options such as:  Aux limit & torque switches, analogue proportionate control and position feedback, Local controls, integral motor starter(for 3 ph), 180 deg 3-way control, etc.

The Noah has been in successful operation for over a decade in Australia serving Core sector industries such as Power, Water & Effluent treatment, Mining, Ship building and other Process Industries.It’s compact rugged design, proven reliable performance, economically price and  a wide range of torques up-to 2500 Nm with IP 67 /68 certification, makes the Noah, the Industry Standard for on off & position control in Valves & Dampers.               

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