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Intelligent electronic, multi turn MX, Quarter turn QX actuators, Limitorque offers flexibility in design to suit any application.

Reliability in refined performance, Acrodyne’s diverse model range includes versions in excess of 27,000Nm of direct mounted torque.

High performance for a variety of dynamic applications including:
  • Water/Waste Water Treatment plant
  • Ground Water Development and Irrigation
  • Slurry Processing
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Power Generation plant
  • Mining industries
  • Nuclear Power and many more industrial applications
Comprehensive B.I.S.T absolute encoder design and features requires no battery
  • Intelligent absolute encoder retain positioning with sensors and no battery backup for reliability
  • Precision graphical dot-matrix display with 180˚revolution of text, diagnostic graphs and compatible for 11 languages
  • Dependable 46Nm to 2307Nm Multi turn and 136Nm to 2033Nm Quarter turn torque ranges
  • Durable double sealed terminal compartment block for moisture resilience
  • Diverse temperature starting options from -60˚C for arctic conditions and solid state versions
  • Convenience with optional Bluetooth® for up to 10 metres of wireless connectivity
Enhanced with options to suit your requirements including:
  • Tamper Proof Cover- complete reassurance at site by securing actuator Local control station
  • Aunspach Torque Limiters- protection against costly gearbox overtorque damage
  • Extension Spindle- maintains optimal actuator operation height
Quality intelligence and manufacturing Limitorque MXa is certified SIL 3 for safety and reliability. Acrodyne information and contact details


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