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Acrodyne provides the Smart Actuator solution with the PS-AMS series intelligent Quarter turn & Linear actuators.

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The AMS series, now available from Acrodyne , comes standard with high cycle dc analogue modulating positioner, feedback transmitter, non-intrusive auto-calibration, internal fault monitoring and diagnostics.

Other Standard Features: Include 24 V AC/DC binary inputs, TTL socket for PC communication, cut off in end position by adjustable torque or position, plug & socket terminal box, LED status indication, characteristic curve correction for optimum use of non-linear valves and internal heater.

Actuators are available in 24 V AC/DC, 115 V AC & 230 V AC 1 ph power supplyand are suitable for torques up-to 1000 Nm and thrusts up-to 25 kN.Mechanical Design: The linear actuator uses a robust spur gear with trapezoidal threads and the quarter turn actuator, a high reduction planetary differential gear box for efficient torque transfer.Speed-Controlled Actuation: The torque Speed characteristics is achieved from a 24 V DC brushless motor controlled by electronics via pulse-width modulation for variable speed thereby ensuring less power consumption and accurate valve positioning.

An absolute encoder with contactless magnetic sensors provides coded feed-back via a precision pot.Optional Features: Field-bus / Blue tooth Interface Modules: Profibus – DP interface or Blue tooth protocol enables wireless parameterisation and diagnostic read-outs up-to 10 meters.PSPT / Monitor Relay:  provide passive position feedback and status monitoring.Integrated Processor Controller: PID process control is activated utilising an external sensor which positions the actuator to a modulating process set value or a programmed fixed value.PS Communication software: Provides a complete parameterisation & diagnostic tool.

Data can be downloaded from actuator or accessed from hard disc, edited & sent back to the actuator.PSC.2 Local controls: Allows parameterisation via a menu driven software and operation of actuator from local / remote using a pad lockable Mode selector. A back-lit LCD display indicates valve position & operating status of the actuator.PSEP Fail safe device: Consists of an energy pack firmly attached to the actuator housing, and is ready to operate.  On power failure or ESD signal, the actuator electronics switches to the PSEP energy pack and drives valve to a pre-set safe position. Valve specific force or torque values and process dependant emergency positions are freely selectable during parameterisation.  

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