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Acoustic Louvres and Attenuators from Acran

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Acran  is involved in designing and manufacturing noise control and industrial air conditioning products. Acran also exports these products around the globe.

Acoustic Louvres from Acran offers noise reduction with minimal airflow restrictions. These acoustic louvres are made from galvabond material and they suit any type of opening size.

Acran Acoustic Louvres can be assembled in modular forms and they are available in powder coated, painted and galvabond finishes. Acoustic Louvres can be manufactured as sliding doors and hinges. These doors can be fixed to frames made of annealing zinc.

Acran Acoustic Louvres can be used in refrigeration plants, air conditioning installations, cooling towers, outdoor air ventilation systems, plant room ventilation systems and so on.

The benefit of using these Acran Acoustic Louvres is that, they are easy to install, cost effective, have a long life. These louvers are also tested according to Australian standards and are available in various materials and finishes.

Attenuators from Acran are manufactured to allow air passage while decreasing the level of noise along the air path. The attenuators are manufactured in such a way that it suits each and every application, also meeting the required module sizes. The benefits of Attenuators are similar to that of Acoustic Louvres except that, Attenuators come with a range of flanging options and they have a sturdy construction.

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