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Noise control products from Acoustica

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Acoustica  offers noise control products to fulfil the soundproofing needs of clients. Acoustica also offers marine products for engine rooms. Bulkheads and ceiling lining from Acoustica meet the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for shipping safety. These have also been tested and certified by the CSIRO, KPS maritime and European Bureau of Certification (ECB), in order to comply with the essential requirements of design and construction of the European recreational craft directive and ISO standards.

Acoustica offers noise control products for architecture, buildings, industries, marine applications, transport and sound and broadcast studios. The architecture and building products, offered by Acoustica, are ideal for walls, floors, ceilings, doors, large spaces, pipes, ducts, ventilation, workstations and panels. The sound or broadcast studios products from Acoustica are useful for walls, ceilings and for designed acoustic treatment. Industry products of Acoustica include noise control for machinery, plant rooms, workshops and factories.

The industrial products include vibration damping tools, sound curtains, extraction ducts and purpose designed acoustic treatment. Acoustica offers products such as the Acoustiflex, Acoustiflex PL, Acoustifoam EU70, Visco-elastic Damping Pad, Aeropac, Angel Step, AquaMarine 3D, Helm Holtz Block Absorber Inserts, ARD Batts, Cheops Pyramids, Door Sealing System, Echosorb, Echostop, High Density White Batts, Kliptex, Marine Floating Floor, NoiseShield, QuietWave, Reflecta-Range, Sound Bricks, Thermal White Batts, Sonex, Vibration Damping Plate and Vybar Marine.

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