Weighbridges, Axle Weighbridges and Weighbridge Servicing from Accuweigh


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Weighbridges, Axle Weighbridges and Weighbridge Servicing 
Weighbridges from Accuweigh are fully manufactured in Australia using quality BHP steel which is then hot dip galvanised to ensure Accuweigh weighbridges can withstand the harsh Australian climate. The Accuweigh Group has over 1,000 weighbridges in active service throughout all Australian states.  

Accuweigh sells, installs and commissions more weighbridges in Australia than any other company and has two dedicated weighbridge manufacturing facilities to ensure we can best cater for all market needs in weighbridges.   

Standard Weighbridges
Accuweigh manufactures all configurations of weighbridges, including:
  • Single Deck Weighbridges
  • Dual Deck Weighbridges
  • Multi-Deck Weighbridges
  • Portable Weighbridges
  • Rail Weighbridges 
All weighbridges are available as either concrete deck or metal deck variations:  
  • Above-Ground Weighbridges which are very cost effective
  • Pit Weighbridges for sites with limited available room
  • Semi-Pit Weighbridges are ideal for sloping sites
Axle Weighbridges  
Accuweigh has extensive experience with Axle Weighbridges, including In-Motion Axle Weighbridges that can be trade approved for collecting axle weights without the need for the truck to stop to weigh each axle. This capability is ideal for transport companies wanting to ensure legal axle loadings are maintained without incurring operational delays.    

Weighbridge Services
Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has branches in all mainland states providing full after sales service on weighbridges of all types, sizes and capacities.  

Each branch is manned by fully experienced weighbridge crews and weighbridge test trucks to ensure ongoing weighbridge servicing and testing is available to clients without incurring interstate travel charges.  

Accuweigh – the Weighbridge Service provider you can rely on. Accuweigh information and contact details

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