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Accuweigh sells more weighbridges and weigh bridge software packages than any other scale company in Australia. They are the only national service provider for weighbridges as they have fully trained vehicle weighing service crews based in each state for our client’s benefit.

Vehicle Weighbridges from the market leaders
Accuweigh have an extensive weighbridge portfolio and we would be more than happy to arrange site visits to some of our existing weighbridge installations.

The weighbridge range includes:

  • Above-Ground Weighbridges
  • In-Ground Weighbridges
  • Rail Weighbridges
  • Axle Weighbridges
  • Portable Weighbridges

Weighbridge Software for a variety of applications
Accuweigh’s weighbridge software division, has been developing and supplying weighbridge software and weigh bridge software packages for nearly 10 years to major clients across Australia.

Accuweigh has a number of standard, off-the-shelf Weighbridge Software packages, as well as the ability to write custom Weighbridge Software packages.
  • Weighbridge Software 
  • Weighbridge Management 
  • General Purpose Ticketing 
  • Waste Management Weighbridge 
  • Landfill Weighbridge 
  • Quarry Weighbridge 
  • Freight Weighbridge
There is no limitation to the weighbridge system they can supply and their weighbridge designs are available with concrete or metal decks for all types of industries, providing Weighbridge Scales and Truck Scales
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08/11/16 - Finding the most appropriate weighing system to suit the transport and freight industries can be complicated.
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16/05/16 - Weighbridge breakdowns can become very expensive, not just in terms of repairs but also from the resulting downtime and possible penalties.
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20/07/15 - An 18-metre AccuWeigh steel deck weighbridge was installed in the Pilbara for a drilling fluids company.
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27/04/15 - Accuweigh upgraded the existing weighbridge of a growing transport and logistics company in Naracoorte, South Australia to enable operator-free operation.
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27/09/13 - Accuweigh’s Payload Monitoring System increases haulage profitability for a truck & dog combination operating out of the Goondiwindi area in Northern New South Wales.
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