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Top FAQs about filling equipment

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Pharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical, building products and food and beverage industries rely on efficient packing and filling equipment to run a successful operation. To this end, they invest in high quality filling, bagging and end-of line palletising equipment to run their production lines smoothly and effectively, allowing them to process their products quickly and ensure a good return on investment without losing valuable time during the packaging process.

AccuPak , one of Australia's leading suppliers of all types of packaging equipment, advises companies planning to invest in filling, bagging or packing systems for their production lines, to address some of the top frequently asked questions about the equipment before placing the order.

Where is filling equipment used?

Filling equipment is used across the spectrum of industry including in the food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and building supplies industries to fill containers with a wide range of liquids, solids, powders and granules.

What are the main types of filling and bagging equipment?

There are many different types of equipment available off-the-shelf to suit just about any application; solutions can also be customised by manufacturers to meet a customer’s specific packaging needs. The different types of filling equipment include gravimetric fillers that fill by weight and volumetric fillers, which fill by volume; vacuum level filling machines for free-flowing liquids and heavy duty models or compact, benchtop ones for dry products such as grains; and fully automated, semi-automatic or manual fillers.

How affordable is filling equipment for new businesses?

New businesses can invest in a small, hand-operated system that doesn’t require power supply. Manual packing machines are surprisingly cost-effective; however, AccuPak advises companies to discuss their specific requirements with a reputable filling equipment supplier who will be able to recommend equipment that is most suitable for their process needs and budget.

Can the existing filling equipment be modified to meet the changing needs of the business?

Modern packing and filling equipment is usually designed to accommodate the changing needs of a growing business. Therefore, it’s not really necessary to purchase new equipment when the business has to handle larger volumes, additional products and changes in packaging. An experienced packing and filling equipment manufacturer will have the knowledge and experience to assess the business’ needs, improve their processes, update the existing equipment with the latest technology or perhaps even automate it.

Can filling equipment be rented?

Bagging, filling and palletising machinery is available on hire or hire/buy terms and is perfect for situations when the business has a short-term increase in production output or when the timing isn’t right for capital expenditure on new equipment. Some companies will even offer equipment on a trial basis as well as short or long-term hire contracts.

Trust an equipment supplier with an established reputation

Companies across diverse industry segments with a requirement for filling and packing equipment should first consult with a reputed supplier for the right advice. In addition to confirming easy availability of service and spares for the equipment post-sales, the buyer should also check up on the supplier’s credentials before making any decision about the filling system.

Contact Australia's leading supplier of packaging equipment, AccuPak for advice on the most suitable machines for your business.

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