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BudPak/Accuweigh can supply a wide range of bagging equipment to suit every client's application. Their filling machine range includes both valve baggers using gravity, auger or impeller drives and also open mouth baggers.

Tecno 350 Bag Filling Machines
The Tecno 350 valve bag filling machines are equipped with a vertical impeller bag filling system.

Motorized rotation of the impeller moves product from the integrated loading hopper through the filling spout into the valve bag.

A heavy-duty rubber hose connects the impeller housing with the filling spout. During the filling cycle and once target weight is reached, impeller rotation is halted and a pneumatically actuated clamping device stops product flow through the rubber hose and out the filling spout.

Tecno 100 Baggers
These valve baggers are especially well adapted to applications where a single bagger is required for multiple bagging points making for a superior valve packing experience.

Valve Bagging Equipment and Bagging Machines Features

  • Compact Design
  • Vacuum Bagging
  • Valve sealing and bag sealing
  • Portable - can be moved easily to multiple bagging points
  • Variable bagging speeds
  • Auger bag filling system allows for various products, including powdery, dusty, granular, animal produce bagging or seed bagging
  • Filling speeds of between 200-250 bags/hour are typical depending on the type of product
  • Up to four Tecno 100 valve bag packers may be placed in line for up to 1000 bags/hour. 
Weighing Systems
Weighing-bagging line for Big-Bags with either two or four Big-Bag loops having a capacity of up to 1500 kg.

The weighing system is suitable to any kind of product both floury and granulated and it is comprised of four loading cells holding a weighing counter-frame to which the Big-Bag is hooked.

Depending on the kind of product, it is possible to reach an output capacity of 15/20 Big-Bag/hour. 
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25/04/16 - Pharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical, building products and food and beverage industries rely on efficient packing and filling equipment.
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07/10/11 - The Newcastle branch of Budpak / Accuweigh recently supplied two bulk bag fillers to an Australian engineering company as part of a major export contract.
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11/08/11 - Available from Budpak / Accuweigh (AccuPak), model Transfer/R automatic valve bag placers are specifically designed for use with paper, polypropylene and polyethylene valve bags.
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22/09/10 - A bagging system was recently commissioned for Cawte Industries at Murray Bridge in South Australia by Budpak / Accuweigh.
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22/09/09 - Budpak’s Newcastle branch recently installed a Newlong heat sealer as part of a complete bagging line recently installed for Bathurst Specialty Blending in NSW.
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