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Forklift safety tip: Drivers getting on and off forklifts from the wrong side

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Absolute Forklift Training  advises forklift operators to get on or off the forklift only from the left side.

All sit down type or counter balance forklifts have the hydraulic control levers on the right hand side of the driver. Forklift seats are slightly offset, being closer to the left side of the forklift then they are to the right.

Getting on or off from the right side will almost always cause drivers to knock or bump against the hydraulic control levers, resulting in the forklift moving accidentally. All drivers are therefore legally required to enter and exit forklifts from the left side only. In fact, forklifts are designed with a single handle on the left side of the machine to assist the driver in climbing inside.

Many drivers are unaware of this law because they have never been instructed by a qualified trainer. Most drivers learn to drive on the job, missing out on important lessons such as entering and exiting the right way.

Employers are advised to observe their forklift drivers when they next enter or exit a forklift. If they lack this knowledge, it might be worth their while to have the drivers re-trained by a qualified agency.

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