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Absolute Forklift Training offer a variety of Forklift courses depending on your skill set and needs.

Get your Forklift licence in only one day
Become a licensed forklift driver within one day and work within the retail, shipping or manufacturing area of your choice.
Other key benefits include:

  • Day course hours Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm
  • With night classes running during the evening 6pm to 9pm
  • Courses 7 days a week, try out a weekend course
  • On completion of the course you will be a member of our free newsletter and safety blog   
  • All students will be taught and supervised by NSW’s Forklift training specialists

Absolute Training also offer a number of other training courses
Absolute Training also provide a number of other training courses depending on your need. These courses include:
  • Onsite Forklift training 
  • Extended Forklift courses
  • Order Picker courses    
  • Corporate Forklift onsite training
  • Forklift Refresher training
  • Order Picker Refresher training

For more information on any of the training courses, visit the Absolute Forklift Training website.

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26/03/13 - Leading forklift training company Absolute Forklift Training advises holders of high risk work forklift licences to apply for renewal every five years.
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25/03/13 - Absolute Forklift Training specialises in a range of training and refresher courses for forklift operators in Sydney.
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22/03/13 - Absolute Forklift Training offers forklift licence training courses on weekends.
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21/03/13 - Absolute Forklift Training Sydney offers refresher training courses to keep companies and their operators up to speed with the latest technology and legislation surrounding forklift operation.
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20/03/13 - Absolute Forklift Training offers nationally accredited (LO Class) Order Picker Licence courses all seven days of the week.
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