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Solvay orders self clean filters from Absolute Filters

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Company: Solvay

Application: Cleaning water thermal oil, 160C up to 180C, 3m3/h and 7m3ih

Order: 2 self clean filters, type CF200 55155 LP 100 micron, with electromotor and DP switch.

Problem: Production of plastic hollow balls with a hole by means of injection of plastic on a metal core; these cores are afterwards melted at approximately 130c with the thermal oil and flow out through the holes in the plastic ball; to remove these metal parts a filter has to be used before recycling the oil; the hollow balls are used in the motors of cars, to guide air into the cylinders.

Solution: A filter which allows a continuous process and guarantees a cleaning method that does not involve personal contact with the oil; i.e. a self cleaning filter with motor and DP switch after being used successfully in Solvay-sites in France, USA, etc., for similar applications, now these two filters will be installed in Germany.


  • Continuous operation due to cleaning without disruption of flow
  • Safe due to a closed filtration system without danger of contact with the hot oil
  • Environmentally friendly due to no product loss during cleaning and draining
  • Cost reducing due to no loss of oil, saving man-hours on operation and maintenance, no waste products (e.g. bags)

More information on self clean filters is available from Absolute Filters.

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