Programmable Logic Controllers for Water Treatment Solutions by ABB Australia


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ABB Australia’s Scalable AC500 PLCs are web server integrated and feature IEC 60 870-5-104 remote control protocol, offering full functionality in a single unit.

The range includes ‘Extreme Conditions’ PLCs that can perform at greater temperatures, have a higher tolerance to vibration and hazardous gases and can be used at high altitudes in wet conditions.

High Availability for supplying water more efficiently

The AC500 High Availability features reduces the chance of human error and equipment downtime.

Dual CPUs and dual communication fieldbus CS31 are used to remove the possibility of hardware and software failure.

Condition monitoring solutions and reliable data storage
ABB monitors vibration, electrical measurements, temperatures, pressures and flow. Their systems include continuous measuring, trending and database creation of all measured data.
  • Repair planning and reports based on this system can reduce maintenance costs of up to 50%
  • The AC500 PLCs feature an internal memory of up to 4GB to record and store the data
  • The programmable logic controllers can provide reports via email on the system status
Saving Time and Money with Remote Connectivity
The AC500 PLCs can remotely connect to equipment for greater availability and flexibility in monitoring and diagnostics as well as saving time and money.
  • Control, monitor, update software or troubleshoot wherever equipment is located
  • Support and maintenance workers can perform more efficiently
  • Remote connectivity for SMS Reporting and Alarm Monitoring, Remote Distributed Controlling and Modem Connectivity and Email Functionality
ABB’s PLCs provide efficient, flexible and reliable water solutions for urban water distribution, sewage treatment, industrial water, water treatment and desalination. ABB Australia information and contact details


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